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Search the mineral inventory cards for historical compilations of work done on mineral properties in the province. (more about)

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More about Mineral Inventory Cards

Mineral Inventory Cards have been compiled in Manitoba for over 25 years. The project began as a spin-off of the National Mineral Inventory of the Federal Government, whose roots can be traced back to 1870. The first cards were handwritten and then typed. In 1980, a collection of cards was published on microfiche as Economic Geology Report ER79-6 as the Mineral Inventory of Manitoba. This publication contains a detailed history of the Manitoba project.

This database is a pilot project using state-of-the-art software to provide on-line search capabilities to the Mineral Inventory Cards. Presently, the database contains 845 cards, with various compilation dates. The objective is to provide on-line access to all of Manitoba’s mineral deposits and many of its occurrences as searchable Mineral Inventory Cards.

The cards are searchable by any keyword. Each card contains some or all of the following information:

Mineral Inventory File No., Mineral Deposit Name, Product, NTS area, Ref., Name of Property Owner or Operator and Address, Location, Latitude, Longitude, Township, Range, Description of Deposit, History of Exploration and Development, History of Production, Associated Minerals or Products of Value, References, Map References, Remarks.

Click HELP on the search form for complete information on how to search the Mineral Inventory Cards.

We would appreciate your feedback on this project. If you feel that this information is of use to you, please let us know.

Contact Jim Bamburak, Industrial Minerals Geologist, Manitoba Geological Survey at to obtain more information, provide feedback on the project, or notify us of any database errors.

Please direct any questions on searching to Lori Janower, Mineral Resources Library at

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