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More about Corporation Files

The Corporation File database has file descriptions for over 2,000 mining corporations, some of whom have been actively involved in mining and exploration since the 1920's.

These files contain:

  • newspaper clippings
  • company publications (i.e. Annual Reports, brochures)
  • company histories
  • citations for additional resources (i.e. Manitoba Mines Branch Annual Reports and Mineral Inventory Cards //

While some of the sources of the newspaper clippings are unknown, many are from notable Manitoba newspapers such as the Flin Flon Daily Miner, Flin Flon Reminder, Thompson Citizen, Nickel Belt News, Northern Mail, The Pre-Cambrian, Manitoba Free Press, Winnipeg Free Press and Winnipeg Tribune, as well as other publications such as the Northern Miner, The Globe and Mail, National Post and Canadian Mining Journal.

This database is only an online index to the Corporation Files.  The actual files may be consulted on site.

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