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Use & for AND (gold & copper)
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Use * to truncate (e.g. deposit* finds deposit, deposits, deposition, etc.)
Use >, <, >=, <= for greater of less than (e.g. <= 1999 finds dates earlier than 1999 inclusive)
Use : to search a range (e.g. 1999:2003)

NTS Area Queries:

If you are seeking information on a specific part of an NTS area, please do the following:

In the "NTS Area" query box, enter the NTS area followed by the specific section you are interested in (for example: entering “63K13” into the query box would yield all results from the NTS area of 63K13 only and would not include results regarding 63K as a whole)

This will allow the search function to yield more accurate and pertinent results to suit your research needs.

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